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Justin Tabb | Founder jptabb & Co

Justin Tabb is the founder of jptabb & Company, an innovation consultancy offering a big agency feel with boutique agency attention to detail. Justin approaches the world with a challenger mentality and a relentless belief in limitless possibilities. Defying norms, breaking conventions, changing behaviors and doing something that's never been done before are all perpetual thoughts on this innovator's mind.

Before this endless journey of developing better brands began, Justin worked for some of the world's best and brightest thought provokers. Obtaining experience from industry leaders Microsoft and Monster Energy was just the beginning and provoked a sense of restlessness in Justin throughout college. He founded Blue Beagle Media, a social media agency, which he quickly outgrew as he continued to evolve and innovate.

Justin is prepared to dive into the global market all the while garnering an unfair amount of attention for his clients throughout the journey. It's the perfect challenge for the storyteller, entrepreneur and innovator within. True to his word, he's just got to remember not to die for success.